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Mitsue Kondo 2010-2011

Mitsue Kondo is a Japanese teacher very calm and patient. She always taught us with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. She emphasized the kanji and especially the pronunciation of Japanese language. In this way, she managed that we to ride one step above in the knowledge of Japanese. When we were learning new words, the teacher was showing us interesting examples for memorizing easier the vocabulary. By exhibiting each japanese character, we went into the depth of Japanese culture and we could feel deeply the cloth that Japanese built their language.

Language isclosely related tothinking. But we know well that we have to think like a japanese to be close to their heart and to understand what is after the maskof politeness. In this way, we found out how is Mitsue-sensei. A charming woman who sends us the meaning of life and the wisdom within her. She taught us the values of Japanese culture which for us it’s so mysterious. She taught us to give our best for to achieve the goal. She taught us to pay attention for each moment and the details that constitute the life. Thanks to Mitsue-san, we tried to create a symbiosis between Moldovan culture and Japanese culture.


Mihaela Stati