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Yoshi Iwakami - The sweetest man in Japan

Who do you think is the sweetest man in Japan? Maybe the best Japanese confectioner or maybe the person who is able to sweeten the people's lives.

The person who deserves to wear with dignity the title “the sweetest man in Japan” is Yoshi Iwakami. If you haven’t heard about him before, let’s discover more together.

Imagine a person who reached a considerable age and who kept in his heart a whole system of values and Japanese spirituality. This heart is pulsating kindness, politeness, generosity, patience and a lot of love. The rays of affection and generosity enlightened and the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations. Yoshi Iwakami is the person who sweetened the life of students by giving different kinds of sweets. Thus our students had the possibility to relish a particular form of the Land of the Rising Sun culture. The sweet taste has been correlated with the studying of Japanese characters on the wrapping. The students were interested to read what is is written there: the ingredients, the manufacturer etc. In this way the studying of new kanji, new words, new grammatical structures became more “delicious”.

The Japanese culture represents a second sun and it is still one of the world’s most beautiful culture because it exhibits ostentatiously perennial values of the human universe. The Japanese culture is characterized also by an unusual decorative, richness of colors and patterns.

Mr. Iwakami displayed it by decorating the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations with a collection of Japanese dolls, which symbolize the beauty and sensitivity of the Japanese spirit. In this ineffable atmosphere, these presents were a delight for our eyes. Japanese kimono dolls open new horizons of knowledge of the mystery and some Japanese symbols. They express some details that depict reality, such as the smile, a symbol of politeness and inner happiness; the flowers that represent beauty and gentleness. The expression of forms gives us the feeling of a theatre scene, where the dance is emphasized, the symbol of the succession of the steps of life. Through the dance we can reveal the dream that provide understanding of the essence of life and the love, the feeling that eternalize existence.

By discovering the spirit of this special nation, we can learn to appreciate the life, the art and the nature, to live in the moment in this continuous agitation, to stay calm in any situation and to promote the perennial values for the harmony of the human universe.

The sweetest man in Japan could send us his feelings of his own soul. He conquered the hearts of our students through his love for children. Even if Mr. Yoshi Iwakami is far from us, the vibration of his own soul held the Foundation for Moldovan-Japanese Relations, sharing with us a part of the harmony of the Japanese culture. Therefore, there are no activity in the foundation without the sweets of Mr. Iwakami. So we wish much health to the sweetest man in Japan cialis pharmacie and we hope that Mr. Yoshi Iwakami will grace us with his presence in the Republic of Moldova and our students will have the possibility to get to know closer to the man who sweeten their lives with so much love.