Michiko Oda 2004-2005

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During 2005-2009 I was attending Japanese language courses at the Foundation for Moldo-Japanese Relations in Chisinau. It was an extremely interesting and efficient period for me, as a learner of Japanese language and culture, in fact a decisive moment in my professional career. Being an active student, I enjoyed several activities initiated by the Foundation, such as: National Japanese Speech Contest, lessons of Japanese culture as well as preparations for the Japanese Language Proficiency Examination "Nihongo Noryoku Shiken". I was also informed, by the Japanese Foundation's staff about the possibility to apply for different granting programs and scholarships, offered by the Japanese Government. Unfortunately, I failed entrance examinations at one of the Japanese Universities however, I was invited to cooperate with the Japanese Embassy in Ukraine, representing thus, Liaison Office in the Republic of Moldova, entrusted by the Embassy of Japan. I believe now, that this proposal was more important than if I entered the university then. Therefore, I was offered an important career growth and approving my professional skills.

My first Japanese language teacher, Miciko Oda used to have quite professional approach in ways of teaching students Japanese language. I believe her secret lied in personalizing every single aspect of teaching process. I was astonished by her decision to practice dancing courses with me, but it surely made me happy for having another possibility to use acquired Japanese language skills and getting to know better Japanese people mentality.

I must say it was a great period. If I could turn back time I wouldn't change anything. That is why, I'd recommend everyone to fathom the mysteries of the Japanese language, culture and mentality, along with Japanese teachers at the Foundation for Moldo-Japanese relations.

Svetlana Cocul