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Yukihiro Ohashi 2010-2012

Yukihiro-san made an impression on the disciples on the first day of exploring. Yukihiro-san is sympathetic, kind and curious person, considerate and fair teacher, ready to help out and explain the lessons easy to understand the material.
In his work Yukihiro-san uses new approaches to learning, presenting material and mostly grammar. The lessons are online and the game-style form that is very helpful in understanding and mastering the grammar and peculiarities of the Japanese language and culture. He manages to make a variety of talent in every lesson and tactfully to engage students.
In the classroom, Yukihiro-san, not only teaches the planned amount of information but also affect the related topics of grammar, a variety of practical examples explain the similar Kanji, thereby expanding the overall knowledge and skills of kanji and grammar in different situations. It helps in learning and video related to Japanese culture, including Japanese films in their original language.
Yukihiro-san with a sincere interest applies to our culture, Moldovan customs, while managing to apply the knowledge acquired during training. It helps a lot by comparing the learning and understanding not only of the language, with all its nuances, but also the diversity of Japanese culture, and their own.

10 S Class