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Reiko Sumi 2008-2009

Reiko san is the most open Japanese I have ever met. She came at the lessons in a very good humor, she was always smiling and laughing. The hieroglyphs were learning quickly with her, because she was finding right keys and associations for each. She is aninteresting woman with a big heart. She loved us all and she wanted for us all the best.

She was amazed by our culture, by the kindness and hospitality of our people. She introduced us in Japanese cuisine by inviting us to have a sushi party. I and my colleagues tasted Japanese food prepared by her and we in turn served her with some fruits from the garden.

Reiko san  is a professional  teacher,  and has her secrets like all Japanese people. She taught us many interesting things about Japanese culture, traditions and behavior. At every suitable moment she draw a kaji on the board for us to memorize them as many as possible. She had also a great respect for our culture, traditions and customs. Her favorite holiday is Martisor.

She had prepared us for the Japanese Speech contest with great perseverance. She always paid our attention on the right intonation andthe way we speak in Japanese. It was an unforgettable experience.

I am very happy that I managed to know such a great teacher as Reiko san. She has awakened in me that special desire to learnJapanese. I have never felt good when I haven’t prepared my homework. I would really like to see Reiko san back in Moldova.