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Nonaka Izumi 2011-2012

Thanks letter

for Izumi san, Nihongo, sensei,

Foundation for Moldovan  Japanese Relations  

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


Dear Sensei san,

We were very happy to meet you at the end of autumn 2011.




Today,  05 30we are happy to celebrate the finalization of 1st year study of Minna no Nihongo I.

The past study year was very interesting and exciting for us. We entered intoいろいろなaspects of Japanese culture andせいかつ.  You represented for us the Japanese people and we focused on you all our attention and interest. 

We would like to thank you for your courage and interest to come in Moldova and teach us.  Your stay is very important for us as well for Moldovan people around. The presences of Japanese persons in Moldova educate our society to be more polite, more intelligent and careful, more efficient and reasonable.

We learned and will continue to learn Japanese in order to be similar with you, similar with Japanese people, to try to achieve your cultural and daily level of life.

Thank you very much for your patience to teach us, to repeat for us many times and to correct us. We learned easily following your didactic schemes, various methods and advices.  Our success in main part depends of your support and intelligence to develop our skills. We appreciate you as the best teacher of Japanese.  

いすみさん  いちばん  せんせいです。

We will miss the meetings with you during summer holiday.  Hope very much do not disappoint you at the beginning of new study’s year.

We wish you wonderful summer holiday and waiting for soon meeting at the beginning of new study year.

With good thinking of you and deepest respect,

yours 1st year students,

11 S class.