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Hitomi & Yuji Yamaya 2007-2008


I have been studying Japanese language at the Foundation for one year and a half. My first teachers were Hitomi and Yuji sensei.

First of all, I consider them real professionals (especially Hitomi sensei) in teaching Japanese for foreigners. The fundamental things I have learned then are still in my mind today. Afterwards, it was more difficult to study as I was doing a research in Japan. Their classes were interesting and audacious (I don’t know if I can express it like this). We were asked and challenged to play roles, to practice our speaking skills, things that give you courage while studying a foreign language. Maybe someone will disagree, but for me Hitomi sensei and Yuji sensei are the best Japanese teachers.

Regarding their personal skills, I can’t say anything but good things about them! During my one-week visit to Tokyo I was received with warmness and love and felt as if I were home even being 10000 km far away from Moldova!!! That is the moment when I felt in love with Tokyo, Japanese food and changed positively my opinion about Japan and Japanese people:) The teachers are open-minded and sociable (probably because they had lived in Australia for some years and in other countries as well and they understand better the mentality of a foreigner). And what is more important, they understand our humor and accept our jokes :)). Comparing with other Japanese I have met (and I have met a lot of them :))))) they are very kind and always remember the students from Moldova with love and nostalgia. On the other hand, I have never noticed hypocrisy in them. They express sincerely their opinion so that the other party won’t feel offended. You have what to learn from them and what I like the most is that they are active and full of life! Yuji sensei is doing sport and art. Hitomi sensei is teaching Japanese for foreign students in different international centers. I think that due to this kind of people you get to love Japan and wish to discover the mysterious and attracting culture of this country.


Tatiana Zidrasco