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Chika Saito 2008 - 2010


Chika sensei was one of the brightest people I know. I really loved her lessons. All the time trying her best she made us to love Japanese even more. She is an easy to deal with person. We get along pretty well. I think because our age wasn’t so different we could understand each other. Every lesson was interesting and funny. Some unpredictable associations, crazy stories and the special way of teaching made our classes unforgettable. Moreover we used to spend evenings and weekends together. It was a got language practice and Chika told a lot of interesting things about Japanese culture and people.

I remember well how we spend last day of our Japanese class. Chika gave us something like post card with her special for everybody congratulations and, of course, photos. She is a really good and impressive teacher; I would like to study with her one more year.

Valeria Dziubenco